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Important Safety Announcement Posted on 2 Nov 2021

We are aware of the dangers of Corona Virus particularly for older people and those with underlying medical conditions.

Many senior leaders are planning for a second wave of coronavirus. If this does happen we want to be prepared and support you and your nearest and dearest to remain happy, healthy and as independent as possible in the event of a second lockdown.

In this situation knowledge is power. We can stream healthcare information directly to your own homes and support you and your family (as long as they are registered with our practice). However we need your help.

We need your help so that we can help you

  • Make sure that you have given us up to date email addresses and mobile phone numbers for you and your family.
  • Register for the NHS App
    This will allow you to book appointments order prescriptions, view your medical records. All from the comfort of your own home.

Things to have at home

If you have regular blood pressure checks or are worried about your blood pressure - Purchase a blood pressure machine, you can then take readings and send them to us and we can advise you

If you are an Asthmatic - Request a prescription for a peak flow monitor, use this to monitor your asthma. The nurse can tell you what your reading should be when you have your review. This will ensure your medication is still appropriate.

Keep a Thermometer in your medicine cabinet to check temperatures

A good tool to also have in your medicine cabinet is a SATS MONITOR or PULSE OXIMETER - this is used to determine the level of oxygen in the blood. This is valuable information in an emergency setting, to help a doctor or nurse decide if intervention is required. This tool is also widely used if Corona virus is suspected .

Thank you

Dr Clarke & Dr Sood


Local Services, Let Edward Oliver & Bellis Solicitors Holly House Hospital
Local Services, Let Edward Oliver & Bellis Solicitors Holly House Hospital